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Ok, so our internet connection here is really bad – by far the worst we’ve used anywhere on this trip. But I did manage to get some more Google Earth placemarks, so you can see where we are in Luzon. Bagabag placemark, where we are right now. We flew here from Manila. Antipolo Ifugao placemark. [...]

Find us in Manila

Alright, time to fire up Google Earth again, and download my Manila placemark. That will show you where in Manila we’ve been staying since Thursday. Here are some screen shots: The Philippines in the center, with surrounding area. Manila is on the island of Luzon, the northernmost island of the Philippines. Cainta is the part [...]

Find us on Google Earth

If you don’t have Google Earth, but do have a decent internet connection then get it now. It’s free, and runs on Windows or Mac. To say it lets you view satellite imagery from around the world is an understatement. Why get it now? Because if you download and open my Singapore Google Earth Placemark, [...]