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Archive for August, 2006

For those of you who don’t know about my photo blog, I just wanted to mention that I have posted some photos from the distribution trek there that you may want to check out, and I’ll probably be posting more in the future as I dig through my pile of photos from the trip. FOCUS [...]

Safely back home

Just a quick update to let you know that we arrived safely back in LA this morning.  We had no trouble with security or customs, so that was great. We were met at the airport by my grandparents, Katie’s mom, and Katie’s sister. It’s great to be back, though everything still feels a bit surreal. [...]

I was just looking through some of our photos, and found a couple to share. The last day before we returned to the Philippines Dad returned from a party with a special treat for us: bat. This comes from the group of people who are known for eating just about anything, including dogs, rats, cats, [...]

Greetings from Megamall, one of the many malls in Manila (and one of the largest). We arrived this afternoon after a 1 hour 45 minute flight from Davao on Cebu Pacific airlines. The highlight of the flight was Joe’s amazing win during the in-flight contest. He was the first one on the plane to hold [...]

That was fast

We just got an email letting us know that some more financial gifts came in after we left, that pretty much take care of the additional expenses I referred to in my last post! Thanks again to all of you who have been praying and who have supported financially. That is a huge relief, and [...]


Today has been a day of resting, going to church (a lot different when you don’t understand the language too well), and debriefing from our trip.  We plan to post more details of the trip as soon as we can. One thing that has come up that we’d like to ask prayer for is money.  [...]

It’s finally over … we have lots of stories to tell, lots of rest to catch up on, lots of pictures to sort, and lots of highly offensive laundry to wash (multiple times), but the hike is over (we agreed a few days into it that the name “hike” isn’t as appropriate as climb-leap-crawl-balance-run-inch … [...]