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Archive for June, 2006

Gardening is a very important piece of Sera survival. However, don’t picture climbing roses on trellises with foxgloves and delphinium, amidst smooth paths. You’re probably thinking, “Oh come on, Katie. I’m a little more intelligent than THAT. I KNOW that delphinium don’t grow in the tropics!” But wait. Don’t even picture tropical flowers like orchids [...]

So, I have to agree with Katie. Honestly, it’s still hard for me to believe the trip is actually going to happen (at least as best as we can tell right now), when just a week ago we were so far away from being able to do it financially. I knew God had some plan [...]


Today we reached 100% of our fundraising goals. Yeah, that’s the silence of my jaw dropping to the floor too. The phrase I keep repeating like a babbling monkey is, “I can’t believe it … I just can’t believe it.” (15 years of working on this whole faith thing, and that’s what comes out of [...]

I wrote this article for our church’s monthly newsletter, and thought I’d stick it in here to share with you all … “You guys must desire the face of the Above-One, your Great Above-One, with your whole liver, and your whole vision, and your whole strength, and your whole ingenuity. Then also you must desire [...]

The Sera people of the inland areas are semi-nomadic, by choice and by outside force. Many have both a garden home and a village home, traveling as hunting and gathering requires. Villages are more like hamlets, with six or seven homes and a “sacrifice house.” Second homes are common at gardens, sago-processing sites, or hunting [...]