Back Safely

Thanks for your prayers. We’re a bit tired (I’m sure that will turn into really tired soon), but back home safely. Thanks to my parents & grandparents for picking us up, and for Joe’s visit. It’s been good to see family.

Thanks also to Christa for cleaning out our fridge that died while we were gone. Otherwise we would have come back to a very disgusting scene. It does mean we have no groceries, so in some ways it’s still like we’re on our trip. Anyone have a fridge dolly and/or an open-bed truck we can borrow? God has worked out a replacement fridge for us (already!), but it’s in San Diego, and we’re not sure yet how we’ll get it.

Oh, and we didn’t end up sleeping at all in the Singapore airport because the transit hotel was all booked up. Katie used the gym, we took showers, and then spent the rest of the night at one of the coffee shops working on our computers. We decided (despite the optional lounge chairs) to stay awake to help us adjust to CA time. We’ll see if it helps…