Thanks for your prayers – the weather cleared up so we were able to fly from Bagabag to Manila today. This final flight on the helio was fun for both of us, and uneventful (unlike our flight to Palanan, when we were dodging thunderstorms and trying to poke our way through the clouds to land).

So, after about 2 weeks of being in the mountain province, we are back in the city. If this feels weird, coming back to LA is going to be even a bigger change.

Our room here at the Manila guest house has aircon, but I think Katie and I have acclimated to the climate, because we have to keep it on low or else we start feeling too cold. We’re going to freeze in CA.

We have both been super busy compiling our data, as it were. Katie has been transcribing the many interviews we did (from audio recordings), and I’m editing photos & adding metadata (descriptions) so they will be useful later. I’m glad we each have a computer, otherwise we’d be fighting over computer time. =)

Tonight we hope to go to one of the many Manila malls for dinner, and might even watch a movie (haven’t done that for a month or so).

Tomorrow we fly to Singapore, and the next day we fly back to LA.