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Archive for April, 2006

Back Safely

Thanks for your prayers. We’re a bit tired (I’m sure that will turn into really tired soon), but back home safely. Thanks to my parents & grandparents for picking us up, and for Joe’s visit. It’s been good to see family. Thanks also to Christa for cleaning out our fridge that died while we were [...]

So we have 12 hours here in Singapore, and we decided to spend it in the airport. Now, in LAX or DFW, this would be a masochistic thought … but not in Singapore … This is the Kids’ Play Area. Daniel demonstrates on the slide. Me on the 4-way see-saw. This section has 5 different [...]

Photo of the photographer

This is quite rare: a photo of the photographer. Thanks to pilot Dick Albright for taking this. This is in the small village of Dibungco where the Palanan Agta live. The Palanan Agta are Negritos, the original peoples of the Philippines that Katie talked about in her last post. These guys are in a literacy [...]

Thanks for your prayers – the weather cleared up so we were able to fly from Bagabag to Manila today. This final flight on the helio was fun for both of us, and uneventful (unlike our flight to Palanan, when we were dodging thunderstorms and trying to poke our way through the clouds to land). [...]