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Archive for March, 2006

Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve written. Hope you weren’t too worried, Mom. So we’re back in Bagabag even though we’d planned to be in Davao with Scott & Carrie at this point. But due to rain today, we departed Palanan (a tiny village on the northeastern point of Luzon) for Bagabag (leg 1 [...]

I managed to upload a small album of photos from our time in Singapore. I tried to pick out a varied set to give a flavor of some of the things we saw while there. I have more detailed notes about some of these shots which eventually I will put up, but for now check [...]

Wednesday was our first visit out to a village (actually two towns). It was a really, really good day … just really exhausting! We are hoping that the next 3 places we visit will be a bit less intense, since we’ll be spending 2-3 days in each place (rather than just one, which was what [...]

Ok, so our internet connection here is really bad – by far the worst we’ve used anywhere on this trip. But I did manage to get some more Google Earth placemarks, so you can see where we are in Luzon. Bagabag placemark, where we are right now. We flew here from Manila. Antipolo Ifugao placemark. [...]

Now that you’ve read Katie’s account of our Helio flight to Bagabag, here are some photos. My experience was completely different from hers – of pure joy & delight at finally being back in a small plane like we used to fly to our village in. It brought back many fun memories. The amazing helio [...]

(say Bug-AW-bawg) Well, I mentioned in a recent prayer update to some of you who’ve been praying for us that we especially desired prayer this coming Friday when we head to one of the local villages on our own by public transit. For one thing, we found out today that (since we’ve never been here [...]

Find us in Manila

Alright, time to fire up Google Earth again, and download my Manila placemark. That will show you where in Manila we’ve been staying since Thursday. Here are some screen shots: The Philippines in the center, with surrounding area. Manila is on the island of Luzon, the northernmost island of the Philippines. Cainta is the part [...]

Safe in Manila

We made it too Manila with no problems. A 3.5 hour flight is a nice refreshing change. So short! Of course, then we had to sit in Manila traffic for an hour or so. But it has been such a blessing to be here with my aunt & uncle. How great to be able to [...]